Nostalgic Glimpse of the Past ‒ Koishiki is in a restored restaurant and inn that first opened in 1872. In the 2,500 square meter grounds, there is a 990 square meter Japanese garden surrounded by the main building and four annexes. As a Tangible Cultural Property of Japan, it is a historically important cultural site visited by many famous politicians and cultural figures, and central to Fuchu’s history.

Information on each facility

detached roomThe name of the room is “FUJI-NO-MA”

It is a separation with 8 tatami mat room and 3 tatami room that you can use for tea ceremony etc. It can be used for spot sale, exhibitions, etc.

detached roomThe name of the room is “KIKYOU-NO-MA”

It is a stylish building with crescent moon and round windows at the separation of Taisho period building adjacent to Fuji.

detached roomThe name of the room is “KIKU-NO-MA”

It is made in the highest place of the garden and you can see the whole garden. It is a building building in the early Taisho era.

Japanese‐style garden

It is a migrant garden which was built in the early Taisho era and arranged waterfalls and ponds to Tsukiyama. Pine trees and autumn leaves, plums of red and white, plum trees such as Haku which is said to be 1,000 years old are arranged in various places.